range extender

Considering the high costs and weight, investments in large battery capacities for extended distances are not justified. On the other hand drivers don't want to see their driving range limited due to the capacity of the batteries.

For the larger distances the Range-extender supplies the required electric energy to continue the drive although the batteries have reached a certain pre-programmed limit.
Due to its limited size and weight the Range-extender will be less costly than the excess battery investments and is therefore especially competitive for the use in small and medium size hybrid vehicles.
To be clear; E-vehicles remain 100% electric. A Range-extender is a cost effective back-up system which, in case the battery power is too low, powers directly the electric engine to keep on driving.

Technical description

The motor consists of a symmetrical structure with two opposed pistons in a single cylinder with no crankshaft. The symmetrically balanced linear reciprocating motion of these pistons is converted to a rotational motion by means of a sine shape of one central rotating ring. This rotating sinus ring is part of a ring with magnets. These magnets rotate along copper windings thus generating electric power. 

The larger single cylinder improves scavenging of the gases, reduces heat and friction losses and improves the thermodynamic efficiency. This results in reduced fuel consumption as compared to internal combustion engines with a crankshaft and more cylinders.


▪ Low cost
▪ Low weight
▪ Compact
▪ Efficient use of fuel
▪ Minimum of components
▪ Very flexible interface integration




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The Netherlands
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general specification

Power output electric
Voltage output
Engine technology
Number of cylinders
Number of pistons
Engine displacement
Compression ratio
Operation speed


0-25kw DC out (continuously variable)
Synchronous permanent magnet
350V-850V DC
Opposed piston fully balanced design
Ø 74mm
2 x 60mm
516 cc
1000-2500 rpm
Water cooled
597mm x Ø342mm
64 kg


2D PDF Peec-Power PTII-S60.PDF0

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3D Parasolid Peec-Power PTII-S60.x_t (Can only be viewed in 3D CAD program)