mission and vision


We aim to excel in fast development and delivery of unique small series of “designed to order” integrated E-controller and power management systems. 


We believe in the principle of co-engineering on a pragmatic, no-nonsense basis which results in smart, fast, practical and robust solutions.
By making use of smart combinations of industry standards with unique customer related mechanical and software applications we solve our customers challenges faster and better then any other alternative solution provider can. 

project examples

Modular controller
For a big global truck support systems supplier we designed and delivered in a 4 month joint development project a series of tested dedicated 2 in one (2:1) controllers that are unique from a seize, functional and simplicity (so robust) perspective. Production is planned to start during 2017.

Mosfet controller
For a new automotive vehicle development with extreme volume restrictions we developed a 3 in one controller reducing the size, weight and number of parts of the so far applied industrial controllers with a factor 4 to 6.

Range extender
Mobility is a key requirement in our society. To reduce the negative side-effects of combustion engines, electric power drives are being introduced in a rapid pace. By applying smart solution engineering our Range-extender contributes to the objective to extend the use of electric drives without losing the flexibility on range or introducing down-time for re-charging the battery.
With a Peec-Power Range-extender, Electric Vehicles only need limited battery capacity to cover the shorter distances driven 90 % of time.




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