general description

Peec-Power controllers exist of one or more power inverters. The inverters are capable of converting AC to DC power and DC to AC power.  An Inverter that convert AC to DC power is often called a generatordrive, a  DC to AC inverter is called a motordrive. Peec-Power inverters execute both processes. A Peec-Power motordrive could for example also be used for regenerative braking.

The controller productline exist of two types of controllers; a Mosfet controller and an IGBT controller. Both controllers have its own special features and benefits.


Mosfet Controller

▪ Triple inverter
▪ DC-Bus voltage 80-100V
▪ Flexible configuration and suitable for a wide Range of motors
▪ EMC compliant
▪ CAN-BUS communication
▪ Overvoltage and overcurrent protection
▪ Compact design
▪ Low cost

IGBT Controller

▪ Control an 3-phase AC or DC-PM motor
▪ Wide DC-Bus Voltage range
▪ Continuous power up to 30 kVA
▪ Multiple controllers can be combined for larger systems
▪ CAN-BUS communication
▪ Overvoltage and overcurrent protection
▪ Highly reliable components



Our services include hardware- and software design towards the application and additional customer specifications (environmental, noise, heat, vibrations, safety etc). The design process is according a co-makership principle including an open book (transparent) technical and commercial approach.