▪ State of the art sensorless algorithms with self-configure options to the motor
▪ Regenerative braking
▪ High efficiency




▪ Free programmable separate processor with engine management functionality
▪ Integrated start-up functionality (generator could be used as starter motor)
▪ 9 programmable outputs, 18 inputs

Single inverter with a Range-Extender


grid output

▪ Battery charging and power output at the same time
▪ Variable Generator speed
▪ Variable output phase voltage and frequency
▪ Supply 1-phase or 3-phase load

The displayed set-up is a good example of the modularity of the Inverter.  Inverter 1 could use the AC Motor as generator as well as motor. Inverter 2 can be used to supply any type of single-phase or three-phase load.

The connector could also be connected to the grid. In this case, inverter2 would be used as battery charger.

Dualinverter with a batterypack, AC motor and a 3-phase connector


vehicle motor controller

▪ Drive two In-Wheel motors
▪ Drive additional third motor
▪ Compliant with automotive safety- and EMC regulations