Peec-Power B.V. is specialized in the control and management of all kind of advanced drive train technology for hybrid applications in the automotive, marine, aviation and railway industry.
In an effort to develop a compact and inexpensive generator, with the objective of accelerating the introduction of electric vehicles and vessels in the global market R&D within Carver was initiated in 2005 under the name Peec-Power. Conceptual designs have further been refined and optimized by scientific, engineering and cost studies as well as market surveys by a team of specialized professionals.

To be able to focus on the rapidly increasing demand for Hybrid power management systems the department was registered in 2008 as an independent company under the name Peec-Power B.V.

The organisation is built experienced professionals in the fields of mechanical, electrical and automotive engineering with special know-how in electro-mechanical control systems, in depth CAD, FEM, rheology, combustion and thermodynamics analysis with a clear eye on value engineering for low-cost volume processing. We provide a professional technical service ensuring client's full support when engaging in new technology.
Our key people have been active in the industries for many years and are well experienced in communicating and coordinating technical projects with large and middle size industrial companies around the world.

The central location in Europe near Schiphol airport and Rotterdam industrial region assures a rapid service and liaison response ability to clients in Europe and beyond.
Our specialists are glad to work together with you to expand / improve your core products and systems.




Griendweg 9
3295 KV - 's-Gravendeel
The Netherlands
tel. +31 (0)78 673 1008