history and company background

Carver Technology, World leading in self-balancing vehicle technology

Recognizing the fact that most of the time 90% of the cars only transport one person
in 1990, Ing. A. van den Brink, founder and director of Eurotool Operation B.V, assembled a group of gifted engineers to develop a vehicle that could meet the actual transportation needs of the individual person. The ambition was to make a safe to drive man-wide-vehicle: A Slender Comfort Vehicle (SCV).

In spring 1994 the concept of DVC™ was invented, which enabled the existence of such a vehicle. As a result in September 1994 Brink Technologies Group B.V. was founded, headed by Ing. Chris van den Brink and engineer Harry Kroonen. The engineering activities related to the development of DVC technology was carried out under the name of Brink Dynamics.
In 2006 the activities of Brink Dynamics continued under the name of Carver Engineering. In the same period Carver Europe got involved in the production and distribution of Carver One vehicles. Over 200 Carver One vehicles were produced and sold in this period.

When Peec-Power B.V. was founded in 2008 the same group of engineers took part in the development of the Peec-Power Range-Extender project and the smart modular E-controller range as since the end of 2016 available to the market.




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